Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Hidden Setup or Startup costs ?

No, there are absolutely no hidden costs associated with any of our plans.
You’ll only be billed according to the package you choose and there are NO SETUP / STARTUP fees with any of our pricing option. All you need to do is sign up and start using our services.
ZAS shall bill you a detailed invoice each month for the packages you’ve selected and nothing else.

Do you offer transparency in your reports ?

Our team will coordinate with you on a weekly/monthly basis to share the progress reports of your practice. Besides you will also be notified on a daily basis.

How long is the Transition Period to switch to ZAS?

It can be as low as 5 business days depending on the software & clearing house you choose to go with.

Does your Billing Services cover all Medical Specialties ?

Yes, we have extensive experience on almost any medical specialties.

Can I switch my pricing plan later ?

Yes, you can. We are committed to provide transparent and reliable billing services to our valued clients. You may switch between plans anytime and choose a new pricing plan of your choice. The very next invoice shall be according to the new pricing plan.

What type of Support is available for Billing Clients ?

Yes, our staff is available over the phone to assist you 5 days a week 09.00am till 05.00pm. Besides, you can also communicate with us over Email and Skype.